Does Fertility Acupuncture Work?

There have been numerous studies regarding acupuncture and its effectiveness in treating fertility in both men and women (see below). Generally, we find results vary from individual to individual but there is a very strong scientific case for the use of acupuncture to increase the fertility potential of an individual who is trying to conceive.

We have had some patients who after one treatment have fallen pregnant quickly afterwards. With that said, we find most patients require multiple treatments before the effectiveness of this specific acupuncture technique can be realised.

Human fertility and conceiving a child is a complex process and there can be multiple reasons why women can have trouble falling pregnant. We always recommend first consulting a qualified doctor for their professional medical advice. However, the human mind and body is a powerful, yet complex construct. We have had many patients who have tried ‘everything’ before coming to us and conceiving quickly afterwards.

What to expect from Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture can:

1. Regulate menstrual cycles: Often infertility is associated with irregular menstrual cycles or endometriosis. With acupuncture and herbs women without regular periods can start cycling regularly again, women with heavy bleeding can normalize, and partial and complete recoveries from endometriosis.

2. Increase ovulation rates: Related to irregular menstruation, some infertility patients are not ovulating regularly. With only acupuncture and herbs, one patient has been ovulating consistently for 7 months, after more than 12 years of negative ovulation readings!

3. Increase the quantity and quality of eggs: After 2 months of acupuncture and herbs, one IVF patient produced 15 healthy eggs for extraction – nearly double her first IVF cycle, without acupuncture, when she produced 8 eggs. Another patient, after repeated miscarriages, was told by her infertility specialist that she could not use her own eggs. In his opinion, her eggs were too poor quality; she would have to do IVF with donor eggs. After 3 months of acupuncture and herbs, she became pregnant naturally.

4. Increase the chances of implantation: Often, in IVF, the embryo transfer process stimulates uterine contractions, which can make implantation difficult. Acupuncture helps to relax the uterus, so that implantation is easier.

5. Increase the chances of a healthy, full-term pregnancy: Continued acupuncture treatment for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is highly recommended to decrease chances of miscarriage. It’s also useful for morning sickness, fatigue, aches and mood swings.

The journey to overcome infertility is a difficult one. Give yourself every advantage. You can feel confident that acupuncture will optimize your chances of successful pregnancy.

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Supporting Evidence

Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism 2013

Researchers have found that positive increases in ovulation frequency and hormone regulation can occur in women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) who have had acupuncture. Specifically they found that it helps ‘downregulate testosterone and other masculinizing hormones…’. Read more details from the study conducted by the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology here


University of Adelaide study 2006

This study found that the fertility rate doubled during embryo transfer for IVF patients.

A single blind and controlled randomised acupuncture trial found an increased likelihood of 31% vs 23% for non-acupuncture patients. When this small sample was combined with 3 other trials looking at the same thing, they found that pregnancy was almost twice as likely to occur. Read the full details of the study here.


Fertility and Sterility Journal 2005

A recent trial published in Fertility and Sterility showed how acupuncture can be effective in increasing the number of normal sperm and its quality.

When the men’s sperm who received acupuncture was analysed, both the motility levels and the quality improved (defect free sperm).

The authors concluded that despite the inability of acupuncture to significantly reduce some sperm abnormalities, the treatment could be used to improve overall sperm quality, leading to the possibility of increased fertility. Read the full article here.


Fertility Today 2008

Dr. Paul C. Magarelli (specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility) and Dr. Diane K. Cridennda (acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine expert), have analysed the link between acupuncture and in-vitro fertilization (IVF). One of the largest-ever participant pools for a study of its kind were used to explore whether acupuncture treatments increased the resulting take-home baby rates. Read more here


Cochrane Library Database 2008

Research spearheaded by Ying Ceong (reproductive medicine – University of Southhampton) and the Princess Anne hospital found that chinese acupuncture treatments around the time of embryo transfer achieved a birth rate of 35% as opposed to the 22% control group. The research found that women suffering with fertility problems who underwent the ancient Chinese treatment increased their chance of having a baby from one in five to one in three. Read article details here


Fertility and Sterility 2006

A University of Adelaide trail run by Dr Caroline Smith found that fertility rates during embryo transfer can be increased by 100% for those seeking pregnancy outcomes using IVF treatments. A first of it’s kind, blind and controlled randomised trial at the University showed ‘encouraging results’ with calls for the study to be expanded using larger sample sizes. Specifically it found the positive effect wasn’t limited to particular age groups, meaning that both younger and older patients benefited. Read full detail here


Fertility and Sterility Journal 2002

German researchers in cooperation with the Department of Traditional Chinese medicine at Tongji Hospital in China have found tat they can increase succes rates by nearly 50% for IVF recipients when the theorized ‘autonomic nervous system’ is manipulated through Chinese Traditional Medicine. The resulting pregnancy rate was 42.5% as opposed to just 26.3% for the control group. View more information here


Fertility and Sterility Journal 2003

New York Weill Cornell physician-scientists working at the center for reproductive medicine and infertility (CRMI) have recommended further studies be initiated after finding strong correlations between treatments and the affect on fertility outcomes.  “Acupuncture, which is nontoxic and relatively affordable, holds much promise as a complementary or alternative fertility treatment,” said Dr. Raymond Chang. Read the full article here


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