Digestive Function

Is your digestive system working as well as it should?

Take a look at the length of the digestive system. How much room does it take up in our body? Do you know why? It is such a cornerstone of our overall health. Yes, even the health of the brain, the emotions, the mind, and the overall spirit of our being.

It is also under attack from so many elements in this world.

External chemicals in the agriculture system that grows and produces our food and then the chemicals in the manufacture of our food, as well as the hormonal effect (also chemical) results and stressors of busy lifestyles, including relationships, contribute to a breakdown in the health of this very important system of the body.

Often burdened by the effort of daily life, maintaining relationships, having a roof over our heads and putting food on the table is a contributing factor to our ill health.

The gut health and the link to brain health and ultimately mental health has had much press and research in western medicine over the last decade. We, as a world seek answers to the growing dis-ease of ill health both physical and mental.

It often starts with the health of the digestive system.

Acupuncture as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that to stop the “weeds” from growing we must not only pull out the weeds but nourish the “soil” to grow better plants.

Hence whilst we strengthen the digestive system (the soil/earth element), through acupuncture and good quality, fresh food and herbal supplements we could also eliminate the weeds or the toxic aspects of our life and lifestyle.

It is, therefore, with pleasure, that we assist our clients to find their personal digestive health plan.