How important is your immunity?

As a traditional therapy applied for thousands of years, acupuncture has recently been attracting more and more investigators throughout the world. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is proposed that acupuncture can strengthen the human body to resist diseases by puncturing needles at certain points. The characteristic that acupuncture enhances resistance is closely related with the immune system, which functions in defence, homeostasis, and surveillance. More and more research has revealed that acupuncture can regulate immunity, for example, to enhance anticancer and anti-stress immune function and exert anti-inflammation effects. This may be the basis of acupuncture in preventing and treating later diseases. We invite you to search for these evidence-based articles on Acupuncture and Immunity for more information.

When this practice began 30+ years ago many clients often came to us as a secondary treatment protocol for even the common cold and nowadays with the higher profile and understanding of acupuncture, many come for maintenance of their immune system within their overall health plan or as a first choice for overcoming an immune attack.