Is Sleep Quality Important To You?

In order to feel your best, you should focus on sleep quantity AND quality. Opting out on the amount of sleep you get, can make it hard to function, but poor sleep quality can also leave you feeling exhausted the next day and even impact your frame of mind.

Good quality sleep, on the other hand, may improve your mood more than quantity because uninterrupted sleep allows you to get the optimal amount of restorative sleep. Just ask new parents about this!

Of course, sleep quality can be more difficult to measure than sleep quantity. If you have concerns, talk with us and we can have a look at your overall state of health that may be contributing to a breakdown in any phase or component of decent sleep. Often, we hear snoring coming from our rooms while a client is being treated.  This is due to the endorphins (often called our natural morphine), released in the body during the acupuncture session.

Your sleep issue may begin with the body’s inability to switch off its cortisol flow or alternatively it may be at the opposite end of the sleep cycle when cortisol could be higher to wake you, like the sun brings the world into action each day.

Shift workers often have sleep issues due to the circadian rhythms and sleep hormones, not being “in rhythm”.

Let’s talk about this!